Item #014556 Billionaire: 924 Bel Air Road Bel Air California. BAM Luxury Group.

Billionaire: 924 Bel Air Road Bel Air California.

Los Angeles, BAM, 2017. Item #014556

Real estate sale prospectus for a house at 924 Bel Air Road, Los Angeles, Perhaps once owned by Shirley Temple, but she never lived in this house. At the time of publication in 2017, called "Billionaire" and offered for sale at $250 Million and later relist at $188--Kicking myself for missing that. Billionaires are a little too common now for anyone to get excited about them, and naturally your house is going to cost millions and millions, otherwise why bother? Lavish color photos of the nightmarish glossy interiors--helipads, bowling alleys, pools--are accompanied by minimal text quoting Steve Jobs, Einstein, and Walt Disney. First edition. 25.5 cm; umpaged (approx. 60; illustrated from photographs. Scratches to stainless steel cover; contents fine; a very good copy, published without a dust jacket.

Price: $95.00